A Dog Named Gucci DELUXE DVD

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A DOG NAMED GUCCI tells the story of a 10-week old puppy named Gucci who was hung by his neck, doused with lighter fluid, and set afire. Doug James, standing on his porch nearby, heard the puppy's cries and ran to help. He scared away the thugs and at the request of Gucci's 15-year-old runaway owner, took the dog in for the night. Thus began a 16-year odyssey of devotion and perseverance. Together with local legislators, Doug and Gucci would see the "Gucci Bill" passed, changing the laws in Alabama, making domestic animal abuse a felony. Gucci would go from being a survivor to a rock star, the face of animal abuse in the south. And together they proved one voice can make a difference and that justice really is a dog's best friend.

2 hours of EXTRAS, including: Gucci Memorabilia, the Q&A from the Sidewalk Film Festival, information on how you can make a difference, a look at the story of the Long Island dog Queenie, and a candid conversation with director Gorman Bechard about dogs, filmmaking, and why after three successful rock & roll documentaries he made this film.

You can also order this with the A Dog Named Gucci Vinyl Bumper Sticker measuring 8" X 2.5", and the gorgeous 11" X 17" poster.

NOTE: You can also chose the option to have your DVD signed by director Gorman Bechard.