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Balls, a novel by Gorman Bechard


Louise "Balls" Gehrig is ready for the major leagues, but is baseball ready for her? In the not-so-distant past, baseball was changing dramatically. An ex-Vice President was the new commissioner, the Yankees have moved to New Jersey, and the Supreme Court has ruled that women can play in the major leagues. Enter Louise "Balls" Gehrig, sporting baby blue eyes and a smile that can steal a heart almost as quickly as she can steal a base. As first baseperson for the expansion Manhattan Meteorites, she's about to break baseball's gender barrier and change America's pastime forever. But from the moment Louise enters the spotlight, trouble follows: Fans want to marry her - or kill her. The press can't decide if she's revolu­tionizing the game - or ruining it. Some players won't play with her - and some won't play against her. And to really complicate matters, her mom is having an affair with the catcher, she and a rival pitcher have become an item, and every day some psycho sends her an even more violent death threat. Whether or not Louise can make it through the season, Balls delivers big-league entertainment. Loaded with wit and social satire, this wonderfully fresh and original novel blends suspense, romance, and excite­ment into one grand slam.

380 pages.

Novel will be signed by author Gorman Bechard

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