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Broken Side Of Time DELUXE DVD

$15.00 - $27.50

When what you love most is killing you, it's time to move on. Over a million women have modeling portfolios online. BROKEN SIDE OF TIME is the story of Jane, one of the models who've made a career of it. But now 30, and tired of competing with 18-year-olds, Jane realizes what makes her feel most alive is also destroying her. Before starting a new career behind the camera, she embarks on a long road trip home, shooting with her favorite photographers one last time, and shedding her lifestyle-acquired vices along the way. It's a journey to reclaim the lost pieces of herself. Combining real photo shoots shot cinema verite-style with a narrative based on some very real-life adventures in front of the lens, BROKEN SIDE OF TIME is a dark, sexual glimpse into a world never before captured on film. A world where any woman can play the role of a model, and any man can be a photographer, and where even the best of them must consider whether the fleeting fame is worth the cost.

90 minutes of EXTRAS on this DVD include:

-- 5 extended unedited photo shoots

-- a bunch of deleted scenes, extended scenes, and some really funny blooper outtakes

-- a featurette on how we created the look and feel of the film, and got it made on such a low budget using KickStarter and a very small crew, that at times consisted on only one person behind the camera.

YOU CAN ALSO ORDER IT WITH A Gorgeous 11" X 17" poster for the film BROKEN SIDE OF TIME (signed by director Gorman Bechard)

NOTE: You can also chose the option to have your DVD signed by director Gorman Bechard.

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