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The Hazmat Diary, a novel by Gorman Bechard


Doc is a bartender, and a damn good one. He dreams of escaping the bankrupt lifestyle festering in Connecticut - only the first of many states to go broke in a spent America. Seduced by the chance to leave his past behind, Doc agrees to serve as the mastermind of Hazmat, the new attraction set to replace his old bar in the decrepit remains of a once vibrant New Haven. His new position comes with all the perks: money, gorgeous women, power, excitement, booze, and...blood. Lots of blood. But working in the underbelly of any city has its risks, and for Doc the most dangerous isn't the lethal-needle happy state police, nor his shadowy benefactors, or even the far-too-deadly SYMPHYS disease. Instead, it's the lure of a beautiful woman. Or in Doc's case, two. Also featuring the short story PIG: Meanwhile on the left coast, Pandy and Ralph, two PIGS charged with cleaning up LA by any means necessary, are eager to join the party. It's a simple tale of two girls, one preacher, one crappy world. NOTE: The Hazmat Diary was originally planned as Bechard's follow-up to his beloved first novel, The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, but was deemed too dark and violent. Instead it became a ground-breaking multi-media web-novel at a time when few had broadband. Available again for the first time in years, and for the first time in print and Kindle form, experience the future as only Bechard could envision it. If you have the balls...

264 pages.

Novel will be signed by author Gorman Bechard

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